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What does this designation mean and why should I use one?

The CRS Designation is the Highest Professional Designation awarded to Real Estate Agent in the residential sales field. Fewer than 3% of all Real Estate Agent hold the CRS Designation.

Real Estate Agent who carry the CRS Designation have more real estate experience and more training than the average Tucson Real Estate Agent, but Certified Residential Specialists don’t cost any more.

In fact, their expertise may actually save you time and money when you’re buying a Tucson Home, or increase your profit when you’re selling one.


Only one in every 20 Real Estate Agent have the advanced training, experience and documented sales to have earned the coveted Certified Residential Specialist Designation.

In addition to having the CRS Designation, Brenda and Michael are also a Tucson GRI (Graduate of the Real Estate Institute) a Tucson ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative),a Tucson e-PRO (Internet Marketing Expert), a Tucson SRS (Seller Representative Specialist) and a Tucson SRES(Seniors Real Estate Specialist).

So when you’re looking for a Tucson Real Estate Agent, look for a Tucson CRS 100% of the time. Brenda and Michael are the Top CRS in Tucson!


Graduate of the Realtor® Institute

Why is the GRI Designation Important? – What does G.R.I. stand for?

A GRI is a Graduate of the Realtor® Institute. This honor acknowledges your Real Estate Agent has completed extensive training in addition to the basic courses for completing a Real Estate Agent License.

This agent has also met certain levels of production. In doing so, they have demonstrated a higher standard of professionalism than those without this degree.


To obtain the GRI designation, a Real Estate Agent must complete a comprehensive series of courses covering all facets of real estate. Topics include valuation, law, finance, real estate investment, taxation, ethics, construction, land use, and more.

In addition to having her GRI Designation Brenda is also a Tucson ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative), Tucson CRS (Certified Residential Specialist),a Tucson e-PRO (Internet Marketing Expert) and a Tucson SRS (Seller Representative Specialist).

So when you?re looking for a Top Tucson Real Estate Agent, look for a Tucson GRI for experienced exceptional service. Brenda is the Top GRI in Tucson!


Accredited Buyer Representative

What does this designation mean and why should I use one?

Out of more than one million licensed Real Estate Agent in the United States, less than 7000 hold the A.B.R. certification.

In the past, most Tucson Real Estate Agents represented Tucson Home Sellers. Today, however, more and more professionals are representing the Tucson Home Buyer’s interests.

This led the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council to establish this designation.


To attain the A.B.R. designation, Real Estate Agents must complete an extensive classroom training program on buyer agency practices and procedures, pass a written examination and submit evidence of practical experience as a buyer’s representative.

In addition to having her ABR Designation Brenda is also a Tucson GRI (Graduate of the Real Estate Institute) a Tucson CRS (Certified Residential Specialist),a Tucson e-PRO (Internet Marketing Expert) and a Tucson SRS (Seller Representative Specialist).

So when you’re looking for a Tucson Buyers agent, look for a Tucson ABR 100% of the time. Brenda is the Top ABR in Tucson!


Accredited Home Staging Professional

Why you should stage your Tucson home?

A Tucson Accredited Home Staging Professional (ASP) Real Estate Agent is a Real Estate Agent that has completed a rigorous training program covering very specific techniques and concepts in home presentation and staging.

Brenda is an Accredited Tucson Home Staging Professional. She has earned this distinguished designation and carries it in addition to all her other designations and certifications.

What is Home Staging anyway? Staging your Tucson Home is the process of preparing your Home for sale by presenting it in the best possible light. When you get ready to sell your home in Tucson, it becomes a product and it is competing with all the other Tucson Homes (products) for sale.


Similar to any product on the shelf at one of our local stores, the product has unique features and benefits as well as pluses and minuses, and competition for the buyers attention.

To compete with the competition in the marketplace you must be priced right and look better than the other products. Your home is no different, it is one of many Tucson homes for sale and you must present it, to the buyers, in the best possible light. In other words Staging your Tucson Home will often help it sell faster.

Brenda has the training and experience to help you with recommendations on how to Stage your Home in Tucson. Maybe it is just removing some of your personal items or moving a few pieces of furniture around. Or if your home is going to be vacant, she can discuss various options for staging your Tucson home with furniture and decorator items to make it more appealing.


What is an e-PRO and why should you use one?

A short guide for the Internet consumer from Tucson e-Pro Brenda O’Brien

An e-PRO is a Real Estate Agent who has successfully completed the e-PRO training program for real estate professionals. Endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®. The e-PRO course teaches professionals the nuts and bolts of working with real estate on-line: Web sites, e-mail, on-line tools, and most of all, what today’s consumer really wants.

What does all this mean to you? There are several benefits of working with a Tucson Real Estate Agent who is a Certified Internet Professional.


More privacy

Are you reluctant to give out contact information through the Web for fear of being pestered or spammed? e-PRO’s understand. They’ve learned the Web isn’t just a place to do business; you need information from someone you can trust.

That’s why e-PRO’s respect your privacy. They respond quickly to your questions, but don’t send you unwanted communication. And they protect your personal information.

Less hassle

Tired of struggling to find information? e-PRO’s are more likely to have access to the latest Internet utilities, making your life easier. These tools may include:

Online Virtual Home Tours and instant access to comprehensive Neighborhood Data.

Extensive Property Listings and Immediate e-mail notification of Just-Listed Homes meeting your criteria.


All the Latest Electronic Technology Devices and the Latest Software Solutions for Real Estate Professionals to assist them in providing the absolute best service available.

The result: you get more information, more easily. With electronic files, you have less paperwork to deal with. And since your agent uses e-mail, you can even eliminate phone tag. The e-PRO streamlines your entire transaction, from showing to closing.

In addition to having her e-PRO Designation Brenda is also a Tucson ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative), Tucson CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), a Tucson GRI (Graduate of the Real Estate Institute), and a Tucson SRS (Seller Representative Specialist).

So when you begin shopping for your Tucson Home, consider using an e-Pro in Tucson to assist you. Brenda is one on the top Tucson e-Pro Real Estate Agent and would love to help.


Certified Residential Investment Specialist

What is That? Why Use One?

A Certified Residential Investment Specialist (RIS) is a Real Estate Agent who has passed a rigorous training program How to Make Sound Residential Real Estate Investments and has documented Listings and Sales of numerous residential investment properties in their local service area.

Why use a Certified Residential Investment Specialist? If you are considering purchasing Tucson residential investment property it is to your advantage to use a Real Estate Agent who has specialized training in this market segment.

The experience and specialized training in various strategies, understanding the effects of appreciation rates & inflation and being familiar with the tax advantages of real estate investments is crucial in analyzing specific properties for their investment potential.


Selecting the correct properties for investment involves not only understanding the technical and financial side of the investment but also understanding the market segment to properly determine which Tucson homes have the best potential for a resale in the selected time period.

Having a Residential Investment Specialist as part of your team will greatly increase your odds of success as you develop your investment property portfolio. Brenda would be happy to meet with you to explain how she could assist you in creating an investment plan.

Brenda can also assist you if you are interested in using your IRA for purchasing investment property. The rules on this strategy are complex but it is an excellent vehicle if used properly.

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