Tucson Water

Tucson Water

Is There A Water Shortage In Tucson Or Not

We get questions about Tucson Water all the time. Newcomers almost always have questions about the quality and supply of water in Tucson.
First things first! Tucson has Plenty of Water now and for the foreseeable future. There is No Water Shortage in Tucson.
Tucson Water supplies basically come from wells scattered throughout the greater Tucson Metropolitan Area. Tucson sits on top of a large aquifer that has many, many years of supply available. We also receive a share of the Colorado River water through the Central Arizona Project (CAP).
While Tucson has lots of water, we do have many water conservation policies in Tucson. There are “Recharge Basins” all over the place. These are depressions in the ground (either natural or man made) where water collects after the rains and seeps back down into the aquifer. There are also reclaimed water projects in place (and expanding) that deliver reclaimed water to high volume users such as golf courses.
Long Story Short, We have Plenty of Water in Tucson and there are no water restrictions here!
Here’s an interesting article about Water in Tucson from Carol Zimmerman of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors: Tucson Water Report

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