Tucson Pool Inspections

Tucson Pool Inspections

A Tucson Pool Inspection can be done on any Tucson home you are considering buying. It is always a good idea to have the pool inspected by qualified Tucson Pool Inspectors.

If using the standard Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract you will have a home inspection period included in the contract, typically that’s 10 days. During this period it is important to have your pool Inspection done along with any other inspections you are doing on your new Tucson home.

There are many pool inspection companies in Tucson to choose from. To locate a good Swimming Pool Inspector in Tucson consider asking your Real Estate Agent for a referral. As Tucson Real Estate Agents we work with pool inspectors in Tucson on a regular basis and can offer some recommendations for you.

We usually try to schedule the Pool Inspection to occur during the regular home inspection is taking place. That way we are all at the home anyway and don’t have to make a second trip back for each inspection.

We encourage you to accompany the Pool Inspector around as he does the inspection. Feel free to ask any questions you like during the inspection process.

The inspector will point out any problems he sees and explain them to you. He will explain what routine maintenance is needed to keep the pool in good working order and what to do in case of any problems.

A pool inspection report will be prepared for you. It will be easy to read and understand and everything found during the inspection will be included in the report. If there are any problems with the pool we will then ask for the appropriate repairs when we submit our repair request to the sellers.

Remember the importance of a Tucson Pool Inspection and have it done during the inspection period identified in your purchase contract.

Other inspections that are commonly done are Tucson Termite Inspections and Tucson Roof Inspections. While not as common, some people elect to have Tucson Radon Inspections or even sometimes Tucson Mold Inspections.

Some People even have Tucson Structural Inspections. If there is a septic system serving the property a Tucson Septic Inspection must be completed.
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