Tucson Home Inspections

Tucson Home Inspections

Regarding Tucson Home Inspections – Get a Tucson Home Inspection! Hiring a professional Tucson home inspector is beneficial to the Buyer in many ways.
The Buyer will have a good understanding of the homes condition and avoid costly repairs in the future. Secondly, a home inspector can expose hidden health and safety issues that might exist within the home.
The Tucson Home Inspector should be an unbiased third party who does not offer repair services. The inspector will provide a written report as to the condition of specified items in the home (usually the foundation, electrical and plumbing, roof, A/C, appliances and general condition of the structure).
The Inspection Report defines the condition of the home, and then it is up to the Buyer to decide if it is acceptable or if renegotiation is in order.
Upon receipt of the written Tucson Home Inspection Report we will go over it in detail with the Buyer and discuss options.

The Buyer has 3 options:

  1. Accept the home without requiring any repairs and proceed to closing.
  2. Reject the home based upon issues raised by the inspection.
  3. Ask the seller to make certain repairs to the home.

If the Buyer elects option #3:

We will prepare a “Repair Addendum” listing the requested repairs. When signed, we will forward it to the Sellers agent.

The Seller now has 3 options:

  1. Agree to make all requested repairs and proceed with the sale.
  2. Agree to make some (but not all) of the requested repairs.
  3. Refuse to make any repairs.
If the Seller chooses option 2 or 3;

The Buyer now has 2 options:

  1. Cancel the contract due to the Sellers unwillingness to make all repairs.
  2. Accept the Seller’s position on repairs and proceed with the purchase.
This entire process sounds complicated but is actually quite simple and is time lined so it does not drag on too long. We would be happy to explain the process in detail or answer any questions you might have.
Other inspections that are commonly done are Tucson Termite Inspections and Tucson Roof Inspections. While not as common, some people elect to have Tucson Radon Inspections or even sometimes Tucson Mold Inspections.
Some People have Tucson Structural Inspections or Tucson Pool Inspections. If there is a septic system serving the property a Tucson Septic Inspection must be completed.

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