Moving to Tucson After The Move List

Moving to Tucson After The Move List

  1. Notify the sender of any mail forwarded to you of your new address. This is only necessary if there is a yellow address label on it which indicates it has been forwarded.

  2. Register to vote so that when election time rolls around, you will be able to vote.

  3. Get a new Arizona drivers license if you are moving from out of state. Or change your address on your existing Arizona driver’s license if you have moved within the state.

  4. Contact a local insurance agent to transfer policies. Complete a Household Inventory of your new home.

  5. Find out when the trash and garbage is picked up and whether there is a re-cycling program available.

  6. After locating a new doctor and dentist, transfer your medical histories.

  7. Ask for recommendations of good contractors like plumbers, air-conditioning services and the like so that when you need them, you will know who you should call without being at the mercy of the yellow pages.

  8. Locate new service providers such as banks, pharmacies, cleaners, etc.

  9. Make a list of the emergency numbers such as fire, ambulance, police, hospital, poison control, and the like so they will be available in an emergency.

  10. Register the kids for school. You will probably want to start on this one even prior to your move to Tucson depending upon the time of year you move.

  11. Recognize that moving can be very stressful on people and that you should be considerate of your family members and yourself.
Remember, We can help you with many of these items. We can help you find professional service providers in Tucson and provide information on homes, mortgages, employment opportunities, schools, entertainment, sports, and lots of other things.
There is no charge for these “after the sale” services and we are happy to assist in any way to make your move to Tucson easy and fun.

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