Helping Your Children Move

Helping Your Children Move

As you start planning your Move to Tucson, be sure to pay special attention to the kids. Moving to a new home is a huge event for them, much more so than it is for us adults.
Make sure they get involved in the planning and packing and help them get excited about their new home in Tucson. Here are some ways to involve them in the process and help them with the big Tucson Moving Adventure.

  1. Show the children the new home in Tucson and their new room prior to moving. If this is not possible, pictures or videos will help them visualize where they are going.

  2. Making the move to Tucson can be frightening, assure your children that you won’t forget their friends.

  3. Help them make a scrap book of their friends, the old home and neighborhood.

  4. When you start packing, give them their own box. They can decorate it however they want so they know which one is theirs.

  5. If you moving from far away buy postcards as you drive to your new home in Tucson so they can remember the trip.

  6. When unpacking, allow them to unpack their treasures then, let them play with the boxes while you’re unpacking the rest.

  7. Start a Tucson Kids Scrap Book with them for their new home. Include a diary of “My first…”

  8. Making the move easier might involve visiting their new school in Tucson prior to their first day so they are not so scared to go, Take a camera and get photos of them and their new Tucson Schools to email to their friends back home.

  9. Help your children invite new friends over to the house.

  10. Let them choose a new favorite restaurant. This will help them feel in control of their new world.

  11. Encourage them to send letters & emails about their new home, to their friends.

  12. Involve your children in groups, sports, and activities like the ones they used to participate in back home.

  13. Remember, even if you only lived in your old home a few years, to a young child it is nearly their entire lifetime!

  14. Show them some of the fun things awaiting them in Tucson like: Breakers Water ParkThe Tucson Children’s Museum, and introduce them to Bear Essential News.

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